How Does It Work?

Bridal Flowers To Go is a simple way to order beautiful flowers for your wedding day. You can choose a collection, mix and match and pick up your order the week of your wedding! Simply create an account and add your items to the cart. Don’t want to pay for it all at once? Create an account and add your items to a wish list. Add the items you want to pay for and check out each week! Bingo! You’ve created an affordable and easy way to take control of your flower budget! After you complete the checkout process, orders are saved to your profile. We collect your orders and make your bridal flowers FRESH the week of your wedding. On your last order, if you wish for delivery, simply select delivery so you will only pay ONE delivery charge! Please enter your wedding date in the notes section during checkout. We are working on a date selection tool. Thank you for your patience.

Welcome to Bridal Flowers To Go! We want you to be in control of your wedding day. You can order any single or multiple items from any collection you wish! Mix and Match to make your wedding day floral and decor fun and memorable. Don’t forget that you can customize your color of ribbons to wrap your personal flowers to match the colors of your wedding. Have fun and if you have questions, feel free to email us or call!

All orders must be placed a minimum of three weeks prior to your wedding date. Any orders placed outside the three week minimum are subject to review and cancellation / refunds. Please enter your wedding date in the notes section during checkout.

Flowers are natural and must be handled with care. Ensure that you have a vehicle able to carry all flowers in an enclosed, flat surface. Keep flowers hydrated by keeping water in all vases. It’s best to keep your flowers in a temperature controlled environment that is not too cold and not too hot. Keep flowers out of direct sunlight if possible.

Bridal Flowers To Go is powered by Dream Bouquet. Our storefront is located on the feeder of 610 and Knight Road. In order to maintain the concept of offering fast, affordable, high quality wedding and bridal floral, we must operate solely as a online entity. As such we offer ‘small bouquets’ at exceptionally low prices that can put any Brides mind at ease.

Because Bridal Flowers To Go is powered by Dream Bouquet, simply call our headquarters and make an appointment to review your wedding day needs. Dream Bouquet is a full service wedding and event decor firm in Houston Texas and can accommodate any of your bridal floral needs.

More FAQs

Bridal Flowers To Go offers FREE in-store pickup. One of our team members will contact you via phone or email to let you know when your order is ready. Don’t want all the hassle? Bridal Flowers To Go can deliver your flowers directly to you for an additional charge of $150. The fee is a flat fee and covers any location within a 50 mile radius of our store front.

Please take special care when providing us with the delivery address. If an incorrect delivery address is provided, Bridal Flowers To Go takes no responsibility. If we are unable to deliver to an incorrect delivery address, an additional delivery fee will be charged depending on the situation. We must always have a phone number where we can easily contact you. Supplying us with a backup telephone number, email address and cell phone isn’t a bad idea either.

Yes, we can certainly arrange a split delivery as long as the additional delivery costs are met. To get a quote on the additional costs, you just need to contact one of our floral consultants via email.

Cancellations & Returns

Bridal Flowers To Go orders all flowers in advance to accommodate all our orders. A full refund can be processed if you cancel your order 3 weeks or greater from your wedding date. If you cancel your order under the 3 weeks prior to your wedding date then we can offer you 50% money back as the flower order has already been processed.

Bridal Flowers To Go Cancellation policy allows you 100% of your money back, on orders cancelled 3 weeks or more, out from your wedding date. However, we allow a 50% money back on orders cancelled under the 3 week time frame of your wedding, as the flowers for that order would have been placed. For a Bride who wants to cancel a bouquet from her order within 3 weeks of her wedding will receive 50% back on the cost of that bouquet.

At Bridal Flowers To Go we understand the importance of customizing your flowers for your special day and if you have something different or unique that you would like that is outside our standard range of flowers, then please call our Floral Consultants at (281) 309-2627 or email your enquiry to order@bridalflowerstogo.com and one of our Floral Consultants will call you back during within 24 hours during normal working days.  Remember!  You can always mix and match any of the standard items listed in each collection to create a more custom experience for your special day.