Powered by Dream Bouquet, Bridal Flowers To Go is the first website that allows you to order high quality wedding flowers from the comfort of home.

Meet Our Team

Rebekah Cunningham


“You can call me Queen Bee!” With over 18 years in the wedding industry and owner of Dream Bouquet, Rebekah brings Bridal Flowers To Go to cater to every bride and every budget.

Paula Edwards

Key Player

Known for her pranks and crazy antics, Paula is a tough cookie that runs the roost!


Pretty Face

Rachel is always on the right side of a dream bouquet in the making.  She prides herself of ensuring top quality is achieved at all times.

Dao Tran


 Dao is a key member of the design team for Dream Bouquet.  Together with Rachel, JO-JO, Michelle and Rebekah, they make up the “Dream Team”.